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Viking Thor's Hammer Pendant, Hand-Forged

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Viking Thor?s Hammer Pendant, hand-forged steel, incl. leather cord

Mjölnir (= the grinder or crusher) is the mighty hammer of Thor, the Norse god of thunder and second highest deity after his father Odin. According to mythology, Mjölnir was forged by the dwarf Brokkr and, once thrown, would never miss its target. It was with this very hammer that Thor defeated the giants who incessantly threatened the Vanir and the Æsir pantheons. And the Midgard Serpent also had to experience Mjölnir's power.
Nowadays, Thor's hammer is a popular motif for jewellery and talismans. It is also a symbol of paganism within a Christian environment.

This iron Mjölnir was forged by hand. The forging marks were deliberately left apparent, lending a rustic character to the Viking pendant. A brown round leather string is included in delivery.

This fine blacksmithing piece is perfectly suited for medieval re-enactment or Living History and will make your portrayal of a Viking look all the more authentic. Of course, this early medieval piece of jewellery is equally nice to wear in modern everyday life.

- Material: hand-forged steel, leather
- Overall length: approx. 5 cm
- Max. width: approx. 4 cm
- Threading hole: approx. 5 mm
- Weight: approx. 23 g

Please note:
Above specs may slightly vary from piece to piece. As this is a hand-forged product, each piece is unique and slight variations in shape and/or surface finish are quite normal. Above pictures are thus for reference only.

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